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Dental and Vision Benefits



Oral health is essential in maintaining good overall health and routine check-ups are key in maintaining oral health. Save up to 50% off dental care. All dental procedures are included in this benefit including braces,orthodontia, dental care and dental surgery. These procedures can be expensive and our program helps you save money on procedures that many insurance companies won’t cover.  This program can be used in conjunction with most dental insurance plans.  There are no maximum benefits and  you choose your dentist from a nationwide group of dentists. You can begin using today as there are no referrals or waiting periods.


Glasses or contacts are essential in vision care. If you need corrective lenses you know that you cannot go without them. Save  on eyeglasses, lenses, frames, prescription sunglasses, even contact lenses and corrective surgery. helps make your vision care affordable. 

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Legal Disclosure

This is a discount dental and vision program; this is not insurance.